Future Events

Planned exhibitions for the forthcoming months are listed below. If you would like to discuss exhibiting at the Gallery on the Green, please contact the Curator.

The poetry of Tom Twisleton




26 November 2017 – 25 January 2018

The Gallery is once again linking up with the inspiring Settle Stories group for this year’s winter exhibition.

A hundred years after the death of  Craven dialect poet Tom Twisleton we are together seeking to bring back to life the words of a man who captured the essence of  rural Craven in Victorian times. Settle stories will be working with young people to look not just at the words but also the social issues that lie behind them and so give an insight into life in this area as seen through the eyes of a poet who lived from 1845 to 1917 and was  a farmer and a temperance advocate as well as a fine wordsmith.  For more on the Settle Stories project visit Settle Stories

Kerry McKenna’s magical mystery slates



26 January 2018 – 23 March 2018

Kerry McKenna was born in Wales but  now lives with her family near to Avebury in Marlborough Wiltshire, the famous village that’s inside an ancient stone circle.  Many people have been drawn to Avebury with its magical qualities and Kerry, being one, specifically likes to paint magical mystical scenes onto pieces of slate. Her husband Tom collects, cleans and cuts the slates into shapes ready for Kerry to paint.

In addition to the magic inspired scenes on show in this exhibition Kerry also paints commissions for people in many countries especially the USA and Canada. She also holds Art On Slate workshops teaching the techniques of slate painting.

For more about Kerry visit her website: Kerry McKenna slates

Interventions with stone

Phil exhibit

24 March – 25 May 2018


This installation will investigate the physicality of stone relating to the geology of the region, using diverse media including drawing, carving, mark-making and photography.

Artist-musician Phil Moody has an MA in Visual Art and is a former band member of Chumbawamba. He works in whatever medium he thinks fit & makes whatever social comments he thinks necessary. http://philmoody.com/

Dales and Dames

Dales & Dames 2

26 May – 6 July 2018