Future Events

Planned exhibitions for the forthcoming months are listed below. If you would like to discuss exhibiting at the Gallery on the Green, please contact the Curator.

Now we are TEN

7 July to 6 September 2019
at the Folly Museum, Victoria Street, Settle BD24 9EY
Ten years ago, in the summer of 2009, the world was starting to come to terms with the previous year’s global financial crash that threatened the deepest recession since the 1930s. The years of austerity still lay ahead, but for a brief time a former BT telephone box on the Green in Settle managed to create a few headlines with the creation of what was thought to be the world’s smallest art gallery.
But this was no one-off. We have kept going with a remarkable range of exhibitions. International artists have risen to challenge of showing their work in a box that can only accommodate a couple of visitors at a time, and so too have local school students. We’ve had moth photographs and the all-knitted twelve days of Christmas, and of course Brian May – twice.
The story of our first decade has been recorded in a special exhibition that will be on show throughout this summer at the Folly Museum in Settle, just a few hundred yards down the road from the Gallery.
’10 Years of the Gallery on the Green’ is an exhibition celebrating our first ten years, with displays from our many artists from all over the world, reflections on what it meant to them, to our visitors and to Settle.
The Folly Settle

The Yorkshire Dales



7 July – 6 September 2019

To celebrate Gallery on the Green’s 10th anniversary, artist Mary Woolf has created new works based on her experience of the colours and landscape of the Yorkshire Dales. These will be displayed alongside her original series, also titled The Yorkshire Dales, now utilising the uniqueness of a telephone box as a gallery space.

Mary  is a 24 year old photographic artist currently living and working in Settle. Her work explores ideas surrounding perception and experience, in addition to the ontology of photography. Her aim is to inspire people to look a little bit more closely at their surroundings and to take a little bit more notice of the experience of being in a place. She is currently working on a commission for artwork for new boundary signage into Craven District.

Mary achieved a first class honours degree in photographic arts from the University of Westminster in 2016, and subsequently moved to Horton-in-Ribblesdale to continue working on her award winning final major project entitled ‘The Yorkshire Dales’, as well as other work centred around this landscape. She says of her series The Yorkshire Dales:

“My experience of the Yorkshire Dales landscape is these amazing colours. But a photograph of this landscape shares too much information. I do not want to share all this detail. I do not care about the minutia, I only want to share the colours I notice, the colours that I experience this landscape through.

Light is colour and colour is light, they are one and the same. A photograph, by definition, is light captured by a photo-sensitive (light-sensitive) surface. Societally we have come to know photographs as being such highly detailed and accurate depictions of the world, that we no longer notice the photographs themselves.

Through my frustration with photographs giving away too much information, I isolated my chosen colours captured by my photo-sensitive surface – the sensor in my digital camera – and worked with just these colours to build up images representing how I experience the Dales; and by the aforementioned definition, these images are photographs, just not as we expect them to look.”



Out-barns of Bowland

osborne 1
 7 September – 8 November 2019
Peter Osborne first learnt to paint and draw as a boy with the bird artist Rowland Green.  After two degrees, the second in Art History at the Courtauld Institute, he worked in art schools eventually becoming Head of the Blackburn School of Art and Design.  He is moved by the sad sight of fine old barns sinking into decay; this exhibition of watercolours is a result.