Future Events

Planned exhibitions for the forthcoming months are listed below. If you would like to discuss exhibiting at the Gallery on the Green, please contact the Curator.

Three Kings return to Upper Settle

November 29th 2014 – 17th January 2015. Our annual installation by the Settle Flagmakers.
This year sees a return of the popular ‘Three Kings’ tableau. A wonderful sight to celebrate Christmas in style.

Fauvism in Settle by Settle College Art Students

17th January – 1st March 2015. A second exhibition by the art group from Settle School.

Students from Settle College have created Vibrant and bold Art works on the Theme of” Fauvism in the Dales” They have been encouraged to recreate the use of energetic and intense colours seen in the art works of the Fauvist Artists. Fauvism was the first twentieth-century movement in modern art. Inspired by the examples of van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat and their use of paint application and ideas about colour. Henri Matisse was eventually recognized as the leader of Les Fauves, or “The Wild Beasts,” they emphasized the use of intense colour as a means of expression for describing light and space, as well as attempting to capture a sense of emotion. A range of different techniques from paintings to Photoshop has been adopted by the students.

Digital Art by D.J.Kelday

1st March – 11th April 2015
Using a camera, photographs and computer software to create art, D.J. Kelday’s work is known as photo-manipulation.
“In today’s world where the computer is everywhere it seemed to be the best way to move my art forward.”
A natural progression in the digital age.
“I like to capture a thought, an emotion for others to see. I enjoy using darker tones, I hope it draws you into my work and lets you feel as well as see the image.”

‘CLICK – Speculations on the theatre of photography’ by Paul Rogers and Roger Taylor

11th April to 27th June 2015
Joining forces for the first time Paul Rogers and Roger Taylor explore and speculate on the public’s preoccupation with photographing themselves and others and on the photographer’s role as performer in the production of the image. The images are observations of the photographer’s contribution to the drama of the production of the image ; acting out their own part in the scene; you know the sort of thing…front leg out…back leg back…knees slightly bent…a slight stoop…and others?

‘Call Me’ by Ellen Bell and Jo Hamill

27th June – 15th August 2015

‘Call Me’ – a collaborative installation about the residual presence of intimate conversations in public telephone boxes by artists Ellen Bell and Jo Hamill.

Bell’s work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions and has featured in various notable national and international art fairs such as COLLECT at the Victoria & Albert Museum and SOFA in Chicago. Bell also produces site-specific work for public art projects, including her critically acclaimed installation piece, Speaking Soul, at the City Gallery in Leicester in 2007. In 2002 the Victoria & Albert Museum purchased a piece for their print collection.

Jo Hamill is a Senior Lecturer at Teesside University and is represented by Platform A Gallery. The project is funded by Teesside University’s Research Fund.

From Tall to Tiny – a photographic exploration of the US Pacific Northwest by June Davies

15th August to 10th October 2015

Settle Stories

10th – 12th October 2015. More information to follow.