Previous Exhibitions

Over the years since we opened in 2009, we have had more than 25 exhibitions. Some of these are available online. We hope you will enjoy browsing these pages. If you live far from Settle, perhaps it will whet your appetite to pay us a visit.

Interventions with stone

Phil exhibit

24 March – 25 May 2018


This installation looked at stone walls, stone in the landscape, even the sound of stone. It was a starting point.
The exhibition took the Gallery as a centre of operations with forays to make drawings, paintings, photographs and recordings.
Phil Moody has an MA in Visual Art and is a former band member of the ‘British anarcho-punk’  band Chumbawamba. He works in whatever medium he sees fit and makes whatever social comments he thinks necessary. To find out more about Phil and his work visit:
To see the photographs associated with this exhibition click on the stone image on the right.
Phil Moody at work

Phil Moody at work


Phil Moody officially opens the exhibition

The artist officially opens the exhibition


Part of the exhibition

Part of the exhibition


Inside out - Phil's photos of the view from outside the gallery are featured within

Inside out – Phil’s photos of the view from outside the gallery are featured within



Kerry McKenna’s magical mystery slates



26 January 2018 – 23 March 2018

Artist and musician Kerry McKenna brought the magic and mystery of her slate paintings to Gallery  in the spring 2018 exhibition.

Since it opened nine years ago the gallery, had featured local, national and international artists across a range of genres.

In featuring slate paintings we added to the range of artistic works on our portfolio.

Kerry McKenna was born in Wales but now lives with her family near to Avebury in Marlborough Wiltshire, the famous village that’s inside an ancient stone circle.  Many people have been drawn to Avebury with its magical qualities and Kerry, being one, specifically likes to paint magical mystical scenes onto pieces of slate. Her husband Tom collects, cleans and cuts the slates into shapes ready for Kerry to paint.

In addition to the magic inspired scenes that were on show in this exhibition Kerry also paints commissions for people in many countries especially the USA and Canada. She also holds Art On Slate workshops teaching the techniques of slate painting.

The multi-talented Kerry is also a singer songwriter / musician and has written and produced four albums of music for Diviniti publishers. She has also written a play – film – musical concerning the plights of our forests.

For more about Kerry visit her website: Kerry McKenna slates


Part of the exhibition

Part of the exhibition


thumbnail 2

The poetry of Tom Twisleton




26 November 2017 – 25 January 2018

The Gallery once again linked up with the inspiring Settle Stories group for the 2017-18 winter exhibition.

A hundred years after the death of  Craven dialect poet Tom Twisleton  the gallery and Settle Stories sought to bring back to life the words of a man who captured the essence of  rural Craven in Victorian times. Settle stories worked with young people to look not just at the words but also the social issues that lay behind them and so give an insight into life in this area as seen through the eyes of a poet who lived from 1845 to 1917 and was  a farmer and a temperance advocate as well as a fine wordsmith.  For more on the Settle Stories project visit Settle Stories

Paul Rogers – ICE-CONIC
19 September 2017 – 25 November 2017 ICE-CONIC was a collection of photographic images illustrating ‘ice cream point-of-sale models’ in a variety of different settings and circumstances. 
Although made in a range of locations most, if not all, of the cones carry the same message, which is to promote the sale of ice cream, with all the pleasure and enjoyment that this entails. 
As the cones become an enduring artefact of British cultural identity – icons – we thought it appropriate to exhibit the work in a now permanent, example of British iconicity, the red telephone box.  
Paul Rogers has exhibited previously in the Gallery on the Green with ‘Life Line’, in the summer of 2013, and in joining Roger Taylor with a project in the  spring of 2015 entitled ‘Click’.
You can click below to read an introduction to the  exhibition by Dr Jill Fernie-Clarke, who was until recently Vice Principal Academic and Head of Creative Research Development at the Cleveland College of Art and Design. She has also initiated, developed and managed post graduate masters programmes in creative arts and design under the auspices of Lancaster University and the Open University. 
Ice-conic introduction


Paul Rogers opens the exhibition

Paul Rogers opens the exhibition


Gallery interior

Gallery interior


Another view of the exhibition

Another view of the exhibition


Some of the exhibitsice cone 2 ice cone 3


The Magnificent Moths

8 July  – 18 September 2017 Jim des Rivières photographs moths around the world. Using a desktop scanner instead of a camera, he directly captures high-resolution digital images of moths which reveal their intricate wing patterns and colours. By putting moths under a spotlight, Jim raises awareness of these important, but lesser-known, building blocks of our ecosystem.

This exhibition followed-on from his Gallery on the Green show in Summer 2010. It  included 28 moth species representing a tiny cross-section of the moth species found in the immediate locale of the photographer’s home in Ottawa, Canada.

Jim has been displaying his work for more than 15 years.  A feature exhibition of 45 large format moth prints was first shown at Ottawa’s Canadian Museum of Nature in 2010 and is currently touring nature museums in cities across Canada and the US and his work has featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal.

A limited edition poster was produced for the exhibition. A smaller version can be seen here settle-moths-3-poster-A4 A few copies of  the 22″ x 17″ version, beautifully printed and signed by Jim  are still available @£10 plus p+p  contact for details.


More information at

Wingspread 34 mm. Collected at Lac Bonin, Quebec on September 8, 2006.

Jim des Rivieres at the gallery

The exhibition