Previous Exhibitions

Over the years since we opened in 2009, we have had more than 25 exhibitions. Some of these are available online. We hope you will enjoy browsing these pages. If you live far from Settle, perhaps it will whet your appetite to pay us a visit.

Perspectives by Settle College School


19th March – 15th April 2016. Settle College art students present their perspectives on thoughts and feelings, a celebration of the role of art in the development of individual identities.




Talking Across Our Generations


Talking Across Our Generations was the title of the Gallery on the Green’s first exhibition of 2016.

Running from January 16 through to March 19, the exhibition was based on the work of Settle Girls’ Group, a group of girls from Settle College aged between 11 and 14, who, over the previous few months, had interviewed almost 100 women.

The oldest interviewee was born in 1921 and the youngest in 2005. Although all now live in this area many were born and brought up in different parts of the world, a point illustrated by a globe that forms part of the exhibition.

Each interviewee was asked a series of questions about their lives and their schooling.

From this the girls have drawn conclusions about the changing worlds of work, school, leisure, shopping and fashion.

The book of interviews forms the core of the exhibition, but there are also cuttings, quotes and original photographs to show how we have moved on from a world of uncomfortable clothes, limited work opportunities and a need to shop every day.

Previous projects undertaken by the girls’ group include working with a musician to create a song in day – and details of this are also included in the exhibition book

P1010914 (480x640)

Treasure Island by Settle Flagmakers

treasure 2
28th November 2015 – 12th January 2016.  The brilliant (in both senses of the word) Settle Flagmakers paid their annual visit to the gallery with a reprise of the 2012 Exhibition Treasure Island. For mid-winter the gallery played host to the warmth of a tropical island with flags and a display to warm the darkest winter day in the dales.

There was treasure a plenty in the gallery – together with other images from the tropics – all produced by this talented local group.

Visitors came along and marvelled at the knitted parrot, saw Settle’s only palm tree and helped  themselves to a small portion of the chocolate pieces of eight. As one visitor said: “I don’t know much about art but I like chocolate”.

My Journey to the Stars

Star Gazing

One small step into former telephone box took  visitors on a giant leap into space and time.

In a demonstration that Dr Who’s Tardis is not the only phone box capable of journeying through the universe, the Gallery  joined up with Settle Stories to add an extra dimension to the organisation’s October 10, 2015 Star Party, a day-long celebration of all things astronomical organised with Settle Stories, Manchester Metropolitan University and Bradford Astronomical Society.

In a test of imagination and the ability to bring so much into so few words, writers were invited to describe their journey to the stars on a postcard. Anyone could enter and  the challenge was taken up by people of all ages and, thanks to the internet from across the world.

A selection of entries was displayed in the gallery during October and November 2015

Spring 2013:Green on White by Fleur Olby


Fleur Olby specialises in photographing plants. Her exhibition “Green on White” is nature in a studio setting, a series of studies that invites us to consider the perfection and symmetry of plant forms through the use of a minimal tonal range and simple abstraction. The series was specially selected for the Gallery on the Green from her book ‘Fleur: Plant Portraits’.