Previous Exhibitions

Over the years since we opened in 2009, we have had more than 25 exhibitions. Some of these are available online. We hope you will enjoy browsing these pages. If you live far from Settle, perhaps it will whet your appetite to pay us a visit.

Focus on Phones: an exhibition by Settle Photographic Group

14 January -12 March 2017

The Gallery has featured many different exhibits over the years – some exotic, some quaint and some extraordinary –  but in this exhibition it returned to its origins when the focus was on phones.

Mobiles, landlines, phone boxes, phone lines, puns and jokes and all sorts of pictures of telephones, real and imaginary form the basis of Settle Photographic Group’s exhibition that ran from 14 January to 12 March 2017.

All the work was new and made at a scale that worked in the tiniest of exhibition spaces that constitutes what is probably the world’s smallest art gallery.

Settle Photographic Group is well-known in the town for the annual Photo Trail, when photos are displayed in shop windows for several weeks and then go on to the annual exhibition in Clapham Village Hall at the end of the summer.

SPG is a friendly and supportive local society for amateur photographers, offering a warm welcome to any prospective member irrespective of their experience, age, skill level or specific interest. The aim is to help every member develop their photographic skills through a varied programme of talks, demonstrations, discussions, challenges, online galleries, outings and exhibitions. Members share their knowledge about a huge range of cameras, photographic accessories and software.

Members meet at 7.30pm throughout the year on the 3rd Monday of the month at Townhead Court in Settle (opposite the Medical Centre) with additional meetings on the 1st Monday of the month from October to April. Details of forthcoming meetings and further information about the Settle Photographic Group can be found at and on the ‘Settle Photographic Group’ Facebook page. Visitors are welcome to come along to any meeting.

Multiple copies of the gallery line up to support the arches of the iconic Ribblehead viaduct in this exhibit.


Winter Wonderland

The Christmas Exhibition  2016-17 which  opened on 2 December 2016 and ran through to 14 January 2017 featured a winter wonderland with penguins sliding down a waterfall and generally having fun in a wintry landscape. 

Created by the talented Settle Flagmakers Group, the knitted penguins were first seen  in 2015 as part of the window display at the town’s Age Concern Charity Shop, where they proved so popular with visitors that a return was demanded.

Settle Flagmakers, under the guidance of Jeanne Carr, have provided the Christmas Exhibition at the gallery for several years. Previous displays have included an all-knitted 12 days of Christmas and,  in 2016-17, Treasure Island. As usual the display  included a small supply of chocolate money – this time at the bottom of the waterfall, with visitors invited to take a coin. And as in previous years, generous adult visitors added to the supply during the month that the exhibition was on display. And on the day the penguins departed Settle saw its first snow of  2017 – how fitting.




Who will survive this?

‘‘Who will survive this?’ That is the question posed by the exhibition that opened at the Gallery on September 24 and closed on November 27.

 The installation was created by poet Sue Vickerman and photographer Mike Kilyon and relates to the year that the two spent working in Shanghai.

 Sue says, ‘Mike’s “photographer’s eye” got really focused on the demolition and destruction of all that was old and historic, while as a writer my thoughts very much turned to apocalyptic calamities – how stable is this  transformation​ at break-neck speed​ into a space-age city? Couldn’t it all fall down as quickly as it has gone up? I was thinking of the Twin Towers.’ 

 Mike worked with Glasgow Art School to get his images digitally printed onto silk  for the installation, seeking a transparent and ephemeral effect suggesting that not even our buildings whether ancient or modern, are solid and reliable any more in this massively transforming world. 

 The pair promise that a visit to the installation will reveal some rather unexpected answers!

 Photographer Mike achieved his long-held wish to move to Settle one year ago after many years living in Baildon (Bradford). Bradford-born Sue Vickerman has lived and worked in several countries but is for the time being settled in the UK, dividing her time between Bradford and Settle.​

 In advance of the opening of the exhibition Sue and Mike appeared at the Saltaire Festival where their Shanghai Odyssey show featured videos, as well as Mike’s photographs, Sue’s poetry and paintings by Jane Fielder, who visited them whilst they were in Shanghai.

 The photographs below show Mike and Sue at the gallery, together with scenes at the launch party held on the Green at the opening of the exhibition.

24th September – 27  November 2016.

Sue and Mike at the Survive launch

Sue and Mike at the Survive launch

Who will survive this? - launch party

Who will survive this? – launch party

One of the scenes from Shanghai that inspired the installation.

One of the scenes from Shanghai that inspired the installation.


Photography and textile design by Escape Tunnel Crafts

30th July – 24th September 2016. Everyday objects in unusual perspectives, felt and textile designs and crafts by Escape Tunnel Crafts.

On escaping (or retiring) from teaching, sisters Chris Marflitt and Gill O’Donnell decided the time had come to develop their creative talents. Escape Tunnel Crafts is the result of that decision. In all their pieces they aim to look at life from a slightly “quirky” angle in order to produce items which are definitely unique. Consequently old traditions are revived to encourage the use of blossoming broomsticks as good luck symbols or to enable couples to “jump the broom”, while discarded scarves, clothes, plastic, ribbons and lace are up cycled into creative fashion accessories. Similarly everyday objects are photographed at unexpected angles to suggest letters of the alphabet and words and images merge together to suggest moods and provoke thought. Proud of their Geordie heritage, both sisters also have strong Yorkshire connections and their work reflects both their roots and love of travel while their poppies symbolise the influence of HM services in their lives.

The exhibition was previewed in the Craven Herald on 28 July 2016 Craven Herald feature


Christmas broom

Christmas broom

Love: Photo created using items from York Minster

Love: Photo created using items from York Minster



Silk paintings of Dales scenes by Christine Carradice

21st May – 30th July 2016. Silk paintings of Yorkshire Dales scenes by local artist Christine Carradice.

Christine is a silk painter and textile artist based in Settle.

Her painting is inspired by the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales – the limestone crags, green fields, drystone walls, barns, farmhouses and flowers.

The Three Peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside, from different viewpoints, all feature prominently in her work.

Christine’s pictures never have people in them. She prefers her work to show familiar scenes as places of calm and solitude just at the quiet time before people arrive and the day’s activities begin. She does, however, like to include buildings in some of her work. These pictures aim to show the last small influence of people on the landscape before the countryside opens out and the hills rise up.

A preview of the exhibition appeared in the Craven Herald on 19 May Silk paintings by local artist


Bluebell Woods at Cleatop

Ingleborough from Crina Bottom 3