My Journey to the Stars by Settle Stories

For the next few weeks, a whole host of stars will be found in the gallery.Star Gazing

One small step into former telephone box will take visitors on a giant leap into space and time.

In a demonstration that Dr Who’s Tardis is not the only phone box capable of journeying through the universe, the Gallery has joined up with Settle Stories to add an extra dimension to the organisation’s October 10 Star Party, a day-long celebration of all things astronomical organised with Settle Stories, Manchester Metropolitan University and Bradford Astronomical Society.

In a test of imagination and the ability to bring so much into so few words, writers were invited to describe their journey to the stars on a postcard. Anyone could enter and  the challenge was taken up by people of all ages and, thanks to the internet from across the world.

A selection of entries will be displayed in the gallery through to November 28th

For more about the Star Party visit Settle Stories


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