‘Rugged Faces’ by Ray Price

Rugged Faces is an Exhibition of Travel Portraits by Ray Price, York Photographer of the Year. The exhibition showcases 16 powerful and thought provoking black & white portraits taken mainly in India. They demonstrate the power of the face to arouse our curiosity for the person, our longing to know more and to stretch our imagination.
Ray says “Usually it’s the face that arouses our curiosity in the person, inspiring us to want to know more about them, albeit that a photograph means we can’t; we have to imagine who they are and every thing about them. I want my pictures to do that, to promote thought about the person, rather than to just focus on the face, and look beyond the surface. After all, we see hundreds of faces every day in our lives without giving them a moment’s thought and Rugged Faces is a chance to do otherwise”.
The exhibition will run from 26th July to 30th August 2014.






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