Summer 2022 – Gallery closed for maintenance



The gallery is currently closed for maintenance. After 13 years as an art gallery and before that considerably more in its previous existence as a¬†telephone¬†box, the ‘building’ is starting to show its age and so, for just about the first time since we opened in 2009 we have decided it is time for a good clean and some thorough painting.

As you can probably imagine whilst this is not a big building there is quite a lot of intricate work to be done around all those tiny window panes and our painter is a man who takes pride in doing a thorough job so at present we have no date for re-opening but hope it will be later this summer.

We are also looking for new potential exhibitors. As you will see from the ‘previous exhibitions’ section of our website we have attracted both local and international artists; ones whose works have graced major nationally known galleries; and we have also encouraged budding local artists, including school students. You can learn more about how to put yourself forward as a potential future exhibitor at the ‘about us’ section of the website where you can download the ‘submissions’ document.