Talking Across Our Generations

Talking Across Our Generations is the title of the Gallery on the Green’s first exhibition of 2016.

Running from January 16 through to March 19, the exhibition is based on the work of Settle Girls’ Group, a group of girls from Settle College aged between 11 and 14, who, over the past few months, have interviewed almost 100 women.

The oldest interviewee was born in 1921 and the youngest in 2005. Although all now live in this area many were born and brought up in different parts of the world, a point illustrated by a globe that forms part of the exhibition.

Each interviewee was asked a series of questions about their lives and their schooling.

From this the girls have drawn conclusions about the changing worlds of work, school, leisure, shopping and fashion.

The book of interviews forms the core of the exhibition, but there are also cuttings, quotes and original photographs to show how we have moved on from a world of uncomfortable clothes, limited work opportunities and a need to shop every day.

Previous projects undertaken by the girls’ group include working with a musician to create a song in day – and details of this are also included in the exhibition book.