The Gallery in the news

Since the launch of the gallery, we have been fortunate to receive some coverage in the local and national press. Here’s a collection of some of those articles and some others that we hope you will find interesting, together with news from the gallery.

Gallery features in Yorkshire Post

Nice to see that the John Bentley Year in Hill Farming Exhibition was featured in the Yorkshire Post on January 13, 2021

Here’s the cutting.

Yorkshire Post Jan 13

Gallery artist contributes to world’s largest sketchbook collection

Local artist Christine Newson, who has exhibited in the gallery on several occasions, most recently with her show of Chinese brush paintings in March last year, is now part of Brooklyn Art Library’s remarkable Sketchbook Project.

The New York based project has been running for more than 14 years and currently consists of 50,000 sketchbooks from 30,000 artists – making it the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks. The whole collection is housed in a building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where visitors to see any of the carefully categorised sketchbooks submitted by artists around the world. Sketchbooks are also available digitally – you can see Christine’s contribution here Christine’s sketchbook . In non-pandemic times the organisers also take samples from the collection round in their travelling library to show at events across the USA. They say their aim is to inspire others to create their own art. You can also read more about the whole project here Brooklyn Art Library

Christine says: “My sketchbook is a summary of my journey with art and why I do Chinese style painting etc. Its also a thank you to lots of people who have helped me. My brother and his family in Australia have enjoyed. I hope others do too.”

New Zealand Police give big show to Frontline Faces

Nice to see that our Frontline Faces exhibition by Julie Sobczak has been covered in the New Zealand Police Magazine  TenOne. We might be  probably the world’s smallest gallery but we still reach parts that others do not.

Here is what they say about us: Article in TenOne – New Zealand Police Magazine


10 Years of Gallery on the Green

We were hoping that our 10th anniversary exhibition would make the news and sure enough the Craven Herald gave us a big double page spread in the centre of the paper.10 years of Gallery on the Green in the Craven Herald

Horbury Civic Society come on gallery visit

We were delighted to welcome members of Horbury Civic Society to the Gallery on Saturday January 20.

Horbury is a large village within the city of Wakefield and the civic society have been offered a former BT phone box which they are keen to transform. With the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Hepworth, Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Art Gallery all more or less on the doorstep the area looks as though it could do with something artistic of a bit more modest size, hence their interest in our gallery.

If they do go ahead we have offered to consider a twinning arrangement – so look out – the world’s smallest gallery could soon get a whole lot bigger.


Alison and Julie (second and third from right) welcome Horbury visitors to the gallery

Alison and Julie (second and third from right) welcome Horbury visitors to the gallery


Launch party for Tom Palin’s small works exhibition May 2017

Here are some of the photographs from the launch party that Sue Vickerman and friends organised for Tom Palin. They  also show how we  constructed a frame within the gallery for this exhibition. Thanks to all those who helped install the exhibition and once again thanks to Timberworks and the Building Supply Company for help in producing the  structure.

The launch party with the gallery in the background

The launch party with the gallery in the background

The opening of the exhibition - Tom and our first visitor

The opening of the exhibition – Tom and our first visitor

That white cube feel

That white cube feel

An overview of the exhibition

An overview of the exhibition

The artist

The artist

And the view

And the view

Tom Palin exhibition features in Craven Herald

Tom Palin’s small works exhibition featured in the Craven Herald in the week before the exhibition opened Craven Herald feature

Donations box

Visitors can now make a donation towards the running costs of the gallery, which is of course run by volunteers relying for funding on donations and grants. Visitors will be pleased to see that the donation box does not take up any of our valuable exhibition space – it is to be found on the telegraph post next to the gallery.

And  to prove it here is a photograph.

Our new donations box

Our new donations box

Gallery by moonlight

Here is a great photograph of the Galley by moonlight taken by local photographer John Bentley in January 2017 featuring our winter wonderland exhibition that was showing at the time.Gallery by moonlight

Painting the gallery red

Six years after we opened the gallery has now undergone its first major refurbishment.

One pot of the officially recognised telephone box red paint, plus a small group of volunteers and a couple of new tiles for the mosaic on the floor and the job was done, without even having to close the gallery for the morning.
gallery1 003 (2000x1500) The re-paint in progress
We’re now ready for another Yorkshire winter and delighted to be hosting the Star Party short story entries. Well worth a visit, of course.

The story of the gallery re-paint featured in the Craven Herald on 22nd October gallery gets lick of paint