Since opening the Gallery on the Green has welcomed contributions from individuals, community groups and schools interested in exhibiting. Showing work in the confined space of a telephone kiosk imposes all manner of restrictions, from lack of space to the effect of variable temperatures and humidity. This means that contributors have to very carefully consider how to install their work and design its display. Currently we show work using a 14 x 11 inch digital photo-frame and racks to take cards 6 x 4 inches……but we welcome other ideas and approaches as the layout is very easy to modify for different kinds of ‘installations’. In the first instance please contact the Curator (
Because the gallery is run entirely on a voluntary basis and without funding we rely on the goodwill of exhibitors to carry everything through from the initial proposal to the final installation, though naturally we will be there to guide and help when needed. Volunteers also help with local publicity and any ‘re-configuring’ and setting up of the exhibition. One of the implications of this is that we need a bit more time to set up exhibitions than a professional gallery might do, as we need to fit our voluntary gallery work around our ‘day jobs’. There are a number of important deadlines we need to observe and these are set out below.


  1. Decide on a working title as soon as possible, with a short description for us to put on our Future Events web page.
  2. At least 4 weeks beforehand – prepare press release for local and regional distribution. We have a ‘press list’ to whom we regularly send releases.
  3. 3 weeks beforehand – select image and text for A4 posters for distribution.
  4. 2 weeks beforehand – prepare a statement for installation in the gallery – this should include some biographic details and an outline of the exhibition.


That’s about everything you should need to know apart from our terms and conditions which are set out below:


  1. All contributions are sent as a donation to Gallery on the Green
  2. Contributors retain copyright
  3. Contributions will retained for our archive and examples posted on our website
  4. No undertaking is given to exhibit
  5. The Curator’s decision is final
  6. Gallery on the Green accepts no liability for contributions submitted


Please be in touch as we need your contributions to sustain the continuing success of the gallery