September 2010: Vietnamese Rural Craft Villages by Tessa Bunney


From September to November 2010, we featured work by Yorkshire-based, internationally acclaimed photographer Tessa Bunney (see Tessa has travelled widely and built a reputation on her particular interest in different landscapes and how they are shaped by activity. Between September 2006 and May 2008 she spent two six month periods in Vietnam, exploring the suburbs and villages around the capital city of Hanoi. Around 75% of Vietnamese people currently live in the countryside, but as Vietnam moves towards urbanisation, the country’s agricultural labour force faces the prospect of losing its land (and its way of life) to urban projects. Families are sustaining themsleves by turning increasingly to the creation of various products in rural areas. These ‘craft villages’ have become the meeting place between rural and urban, agriculture and industry. Tessa’s vivid images capture the details of daily life with great insight.