Archaos II by Ingrid Stephenson

The exhibition

8 July 2018 –  8 September 2018

An installation by Aberdeenshire artist Ingrid Stephenson formed this exhibition.

Titled ARCHAOS II, the exhibition was about the evolutionary process, exploring creation and decay. It drew on Ingrid’s experience as the recording artist at archaeological digs.

The first weekend of the exhibition formed part of the Three Peaks Art Trail, featuring artists at 30 different locations across an area from Settle to Ingleton.

Ingrid Stephenson was born in the north of Scotland and is half-Dutch. Though her degree was in Fine Art she was always fascinated by archaeology, and has regularly been employed at digs all over Scotland and England.

She said –“My subject-matter tends to be bleak because my materials include dead things, bone, metals, and things in the process of decaying. Sometimes there is a dark humour in decay. I like to look forensically at a found object and identify what processes it has undergone; whether it has been hammered or worn. I like to see how things degrade.”

This exhibition followed on from a successful show, Archaos I at the renowned Bingley Gallery and formed stage two of a tour introducing Stephenson’s work to England for the first time.


Ingrid Stephenson

Ingrid Stephenson



Ingrid opens the exhibition on July 8 as part of the Three Peaks Art Trail