The Magnificent Moths

8 July  – 18 September 2017 Jim des Rivières photographs moths around the world. Using a desktop scanner instead of a camera, he directly captures high-resolution digital images of moths which reveal their intricate wing patterns and colours. By putting moths under a spotlight, Jim raises awareness of these important, but lesser-known, building blocks of our ecosystem.

This exhibition followed-on from his Gallery on the Green show in Summer 2010. It  included 28 moth species representing a tiny cross-section of the moth species found in the immediate locale of the photographer’s home in Ottawa, Canada.

Jim has been displaying his work for more than 15 years.  A feature exhibition of 45 large format moth prints was first shown at Ottawa’s Canadian Museum of Nature in 2010 and is currently touring nature museums in cities across Canada and the US and his work has featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal.

A limited edition poster was produced for the exhibition. A smaller version can be seen here settle-moths-3-poster-A4 A few copies of  the 22″ x 17″ version, beautifully printed and signed by Jim  are still available @£10 plus p+p  contact for details.


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Wingspread 34 mm. Collected at Lac Bonin, Quebec on September 8, 2006.

Jim des Rivieres at the gallery

The exhibition