August 16 – October 16 2021


In this exhibition photographic artists Paul Rogers and Alison Medd did a double take on various images of parallelism. Paul has been a regular and very popular contributor to the gallery’s programme of exhibitions over recent years. He and Alison previously exhibited at Gallery on the Green in summer 2020 with their Talking Pink show.

Paul was associate head of the School of Art and Design and a principal lecturer in applied photography at Blackpool and the Fylde College. He has also exhibited in local and national venues in the UK and USA. Alison is a multidisciplinary artist based in a studio by the river Thames. She experiments using a range of different media to express the relationship she has with her surroundings.  She has been artist, teacher, and mother, for over 30 years and finally completed a Masters degree from Goldsmiths University in 2014. Since then she has exhibited widely.

Repeat Repeat

Repeat is the root word of repetition. In this exhibition the photographers Paul Rogers and Alison Medd  explored how by repeating an image you can create a visual outcome greater than the sum of its parts, the photographs on display have been imagined and produced in two very different ways:

Paul Rogers explored repetition by juxtaposing the same image. Repeat:Repeat has been long-standing subjects of his visual output and perhaps this concept feeds into the notion of ‘parallelism’ – repeating pattern, line and movement towards creating a visual unity.

Alison Medd focused on recording traces of her local environment, creating a narrative that embraced urban degeneration. The artist believes that a prolonged study of what is familiar in the locale enables her to create richly layered images that result in atmosphere over documentation. An abstraction of her view creates an innately satisfying image, enabling the observer to perceive order from repetition.

‘Pattern is to photograph what rhythm is to music’ (Tedric Garr).

It is the pattern, line and movement that unites these two photographers with very different viewpoints.

Sections of the exhibition

A section of the parallelism exhibition (2)

section of the exhibition 3

section of the exhibition 2

The opening of the exhibition

Paul and family

Samples of Alison’s work





 Samples of Paul’s work