Sahara Portrait

Diane in the desert



24 May – 6 July 2019

No it’s not a mirage. This exhibition brought the Sahara Desert to Settle.

Artist and children’s illustrator Diane Simcoe explained how she came to take this remarkable collection of photographs in January 2009.

“A casual conversation by a dirty river in east London led to a big adventure riding shotgun in a vintage 4 wheel drive from Here to Timbuktu.

“Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali national borders fade while the rich colours of the Saharan people grow brighter every mile.

“Bedouin, Sahrawis, Fulani, Dogon, Songhay,  Bambara,  Tuareg, Kel Tamasheq,  the photographs  tried to capture something of the generosity, humour,  rich cultural textures and  joyful sense of community of the Saharan people.”

After leaving a ukulele and a piece of her heart in the desert she hopes to return one day.

Diane now lives in Settle and joined the Gallery on Green team in 2018.